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An unstoppable freight train of Dubstep from veteran’s 91db remixing deep ethnic sounds fused with fresh new sounds from Offlicence’s latest single “2GB Di Kudi”.

Complimenting the original, this floor filler remix from Midland’s original pioneers of live drum n bass will have DJs reaching for their cases to search out some more from this collaboration.

‘The track expresses how I feel about the torture that bread has inflicted on it whist being sliced. I feel excited about it’s release 91db remixing the track has really added a special something making it all feel exciting and fresh”

– Paul Johnson Dbeats Records

“2GB (2 Gigabyte) is a nickname for those that over use social technology such as mobile phones, laptops, social networking apps. It is a little tongue in cheek rather than trying to sound techno for those better known digitally than physically.

Check out the teaser of the track…

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